Best ways to make money online for free

Although making money on the internet is a viral method, many people still lack motivation. There are several possible reasons for this. However, many people think that making money on the internet does bring a lot more benefits than doing a traditional office job. However, while doing a job or other business, you can still focus on earning extra income online. So, out of the thousands of ways to generate money online, you’ll learn about the top ten.

Sell ​​your skills

Go marketing the capabilities. Try to be a free service provider over the internet. Everyone knows the word online freelancing. We can consider it as one of the most popular ways to make money online. There are many free service providers around the world and in Sri Lanka in a variety of fields.

Most importantly, Sri Lankans are more likely to seek services from free service providers in many countries. It is mainly due to the relatively low cost of services and the quality of service. So if you, too, can sell on the internet, it’s essential to resort to this method. Among the benefits that can sell are computer graphic design, web design and development, computer networking services, writing articles, computer game creation, etc. In addition, as a free service provider, you can do anything else that you can do online.

Create a website and make money through AdSense

You may have noticed that different advertising appear when you visit different websites. Ads that we usually see on any website that has a large user base. So you, too, can easily create your website or blog. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. For any matter, there is enough content for the users who visit your site. As a result, after you’ve launched a website, you may easily and rapidly sign up for an Ad Sense account. As soon as you meet the prerequisites for receiving the ad, you can start earning money from the advertising you receive through Ad Sense.

Create a Youtube channel

Youtube has more than 38 million videos related to various topics. Also, there are millions and billions of monthly earners through youtube, by signing up for Ad Sense, and many more. It is not difficult to activate Ad Sense for YouTube, but it is mandatory to fulfil the conditions you offer. In addition to earning Ad Sense through YouTube, we can also do other sponsorship advertising. You can also make a lot of money by reviewing new products, hotels, restaurants and introducing them to the public through the YouTube channel. However, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the past year to do this.

Teach what you know

One of the most common types of education in the world today is learning and teaching via the internet. Therefore, your ability will get its due place. If you have the ability and good knowledge of any subject and can teach it to others very well earn money online, then this is your chance. If you can handle English and other international languages, the community that can serve you is enormous. Popular methods for online learning include video conferencing, edited videos, PDF tutorials, web-based instruction, and more.

Sell ​​goods through the dropshipping method

Simply defined, this is when you earn money by acting as an intermediary. The only thing that you have to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going. Then when a customer visits your website and orders a product, all you have to do is enter the person’s details and order the product from the main website. You pay for that item and purchase it by giving your customer’s information, and the customer who comes to you pays you the amount stated on your website. As a result, if you wish to profit from the process, the price you quote on your website should be slightly higher than the product’s typical price. It should also note that this is the most legal system in the world.

Investing in the Forex Market

Although many people like to deposit money in a fixed bank account, there is a lack of inclination to invest. But there is no mistaking the fact that investing money is the best option to make money. So while there are many ways to make investments online, investing in Forex is the most reliable and quick way. What happens in Forex is that you earn income by investing in value changes in the foreign exchange. This is, however, a riskier but more profitable strategy. So, if you are investing in Forex, it is essential to know about it.

Sell ​​your designs

Selling your designs is something you can do freely and with fun. That is, you can sell crafts, art drawings, clothing additions, etc., that you make as a hobby or as a skill, as well as photos and videos that you have. You can create your website, post it on a website that sells other products and create a Facebook page to sell your creations.

Write e-books

Writing and publishing a book called Theta is not an easy task. From paper to book writing, typing, printing, distribution, etc., many processes cost a lot of money. But nowadays it is not so difficult. All you need is a computer, writing software, and access to the Internet. You simply need to create a digitized book and publish it online. Many people around the world earn monthly through this method.

Earn from your food products

Although this is not yet a viral method, We can see it in many urban areas. That is, becoming a caterer in a network that connects caterers and caterers through a website and distributes that food. For this, Pick me foods and Uber eats services are currently active in Sri Lanka. So, it would be a great opportunity if you could register as a caterer, fulfilling the conditions offered by those institutions.

Renting your assets through websites

You can rent vehicles, houses, or any other items you own through various websites. For example, a foreigner visiting the country may rent your car for their travels and taxi services. Tourists can also rent out your spacious rooms or apartments with facilities.


So, here are ten of the most popular online money-making options. One of these methods is unique in that anyone can start it.

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