Burning questions about Adsense for beginners.

A lot of people have many different questions and confusions about Adsense. I would like to clear them up in this article. So let’s start now from the beginning. Google Adsense is one of the company’s affiliates with Google. It is the largest Online Ads Publishing company in the world. We shouldn’t be surprised about that because it’s a company that belongs to Google.

How does Adsense let us advertise? Where do they get Ads?

Here’s how it works: You probably know another company affiliated with Google called Google AdWords. That is how Adsense gets ads. What this does is accept ads for advertising.

Huh, what does that mean?

Imagine that you are running a business selling mobile phones from a website over the internet. Now you want to increase your sales. If you’re going to increase sales, you have to increase the number of people coming to the website. You can use Google Adword for this. You pay for Google Adword and advertise your business.

If you put an ad on the radio on the TV, you will hear and see, but this?

That’s where Google Adsense comes into the scene. The ads obtained by Google Adword are advertised through Google Adsense in various ways.

What are those methods?

Adsense uses the websites of Adsense affiliate websites around the world and Google’s Subsidiaries to promote those ads. They show ads on Blogger sites, Youtube Channel’s videos for those who run Youtube channels, CSE Websites for those who run CSE (Custom Search Engine), and Apps for those who run Mobile Apps. They also show some ads in the Google SERP.

How does Adsense pay you?

Imagine that you are the owner of a website with Adsense, now your website is advertising the ads from Google Adsense. If someone visits your website and clicks on an ad, Adsense will pay you a commission for it.

How much will Adsense pay you?

It depends on the Adsense platform(Website, Blogger, Youtube, App, CSE) that you are using.
If you make money from a website, You will get a 68% commission from the money paid per visitor by the Advertiser in Adword.

How much does Adsense pay per click?

Click per cost for AdSense

It depends on several factors.

  • Depending on where traffic (visitors) comes to the website, American and European countries usually pay more and Asian countries to pay less.
  • Depending on the ads displayed on your website.
  • The costs paid for ads depend on their competitiveness. A high price is paid on highly competitive business ads and low cost on low, competitive ads.
  • Depending on the traffic source that comes to the website, Like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Other Website’s Ads. A high cost is paid for Traffic Ad clicks coming through Google.
  • Depending on the niche, category, and keywords used in the website.

It usually costs around $ 0.01 – $ 15 per Ad Click. In addition, there are some opportunities to pay a limited amount of ads for about $ 15 – $ 200.In most cases costs around $ 0.01 – $ 15 per Ad Click.

In addition, some occasions pay from $ 15 to $ 200 for a limited amount of ads. Most probably payout is $ 0.01- $ 4. Usually, the cost for Asian countries is $ 0.01 – $ 0.40. Frequently the prices for American and European Countries are more than $ 1.

What do I need to start Google Adsense?

For that, you need to have a website or a blog site or a Youtube channel, or a mobile app, or a CSE that is made under the rules and regulations of Adsense and approved by Adsense. Then you can apply for Adsense. You will be notified by email whether your site can and cannot approve in a few days.

Do we have to pay to sign up with Adsense?

The answer to this question is no. AdSense is your employer, which means that they pay you. All you have to do is create content either for your YouTube or on your website, or both platforms, and once you are a content creator and fulfill the criteria set by Adsense, then only Adsense will pay you.

How To Start Making Money From Google Adsense Easily?

It depends on your knowledge and a few factors. But I think the easiest way is to start a website or blog site. Even if you create a Youtube channel, it may take a while for Adsense to the approval process. Even if you start a CSE, it will take relatively more effort to get it across to people. If you do not know how to start a mobile app, you will spend more on it. So it’s easy to create a website or blog, even for someone who doesn’t know anything.

What do you need to create a website?

If you have no money even to create a website, the best thing is to start a blog through Blogger.com. Even so, it is still a good idea to spend $ 1 a year to get a domain name. But if you can afford it, the best and easiest way is to create a website through WordPress. In addition to the domain name, you will need hosting for a minimum of $ 2- $ 5 per month. It is good enough to use a world-renowned hosting provider.

You can buy a domain name and a hosting package by just clicking on the image below.

I will let you know about How to buy a hosting package and a Domain name in future articles from A to Z.And also, I have planned to tell you how to create a WordPress website from the beginning.

How to withdraw Adsense revenue?

Before that, you need to verify your account. After you earn $ 10, a letter with a PIN will be sent to you, depending on the name & address you used for your Adsense account. All you have to do is put that PIN in the appropriate place in Adsense. It usually takes 1-4 weeks for the letter to arrive. You have to fill in the bank details too. All the steps you have to complete will be displayed in the form of a red banner in the Adsense account.

If you have completed all those steps, you can withdraw money to your bank account quickly. But remember that the minimum withdrawal amount is 100$. If you withdraw from your Adsense account, the bank will receive that amount within the next 21-26 days.

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