Critical Appreciation Of Jane Eyre | Chapter 1-3

Chapter 01

According to this chapter, we can learn that Jane Eyre is at her maternal uncle’s house named Gateshead hall. The time is the winter season. As even Jane’s uncle is dead: Jane lives under the care of Mrs Reed, who is the wife of Jane’s uncle. Mrs Reed has three children. The eldest one is a son named John Reed. The other two children are girls named Eliza and Georgiana.

John is the worst boy. He always bullies Jane. In this chapter: he strikes Jane’s head on a door, bleeding from her head. However, John should be punished for this. Jane was punished by keeping her inside the Redroom, where Jane’s uncle died. So, it is clear that Mrs Reed is ruthless and inhumane for keeping a small girl in such a room. The two girls are also very cruel. Eliza is willful and selfish. Georgiana is spiteful.

The only kind-hearted person in this house is Miss Bessey, the house nurse. Even the maid, the Abbot, is very cruel. However, Jane cried because of the hallucinations about the dead uncle’s spirit. Mrs Reed did not like to take her out. Finally, Jane became unconscious inside the Red room.

Chapter 02

In this chapter, the writer has used visual imagery: auditory imagery and stream of consciousness technique. At the beginning of this chapter, we learn that Jane was brought from the red room when she became unconscious. Then the family doctor of Mrs Reed came to treat Jane. At that time, Mrs Reed and her two daughters and son had gone out. Only the kind-hearted servant, Bessie, was at home. Doctor Lloyd asked Jane about her life at Gateshead hall. Then Jane revealed everything to Mr Lloyd.

Earlier the doctor thought that Mrs Reed was a very kind-hearted lady. But we can learn how he understood reality. Then the doctor proposed Mrs Reed send Jane Eyre to a school. Jane also likes to go to school. At the end of this chapter, Jane learns about her family background and what happened to her parents when he listened to a conversation between Bessie and the other servant Abbot. Accordingly, Jane’s father was a poor clergyman. Jane’s mother loved him and married him without her parents’ consent.

So Jane’s grandfather did not give any property to Jone’s mother. Jane’s father and mother lived about one year after their marriage, and they had the baby girl, Jane. Meanwhile, both father and mother caught the deadly fever “typhus”. First, Jane’s father died, and after that, her mother also died. Then little Jane was brought up by Jane’s mother’s brother. That was Jane’s uncle. Then the uncle also died. That is why now she has to live with the cruelty of the uncle’s wife, Mrs Reed and her three children.

Chapter 03

At the beginning of this chapter, we learn that Mrs Reed and her children neglected Jane. She always had to be in the nursery while her children were in the drawing-room. Sometimes Johns Reed mocked Jane putting out his tongue. But Jane also did not tolerate everything done by him.

One day, Jane directly talked to Mrs Reed about her injustice. Then Mrs Reed shooked her and boxed her ears. Jane was not allowed to Join Christmas or new year parties that Mrs Reed’s children took wear in beautiful dresses and with beautiful hairstyles.

We have introduced another new character in the novel. That is Mr Brockelhurst who is the in-charge of the Lowood school. Mrs Reed told Mr Brockelhurst that Jane’s worst fault was deceived. Thus Mrs Reed gave a wrong picture about Jane Eyre. So Mr Brockelhurst gave a book to Jane for

reading girl to become a good girl.
The last part of this chapter is very dramatic because there was an argument between Jane and Mrs Reed Jane directly and openly protested for telling a big lie about her to a stranger. We can learn how Jane was very forward and courageous to stand against injustice. It is funny and ironic that Mrs Reed was afraid of Jane’s direct talking. Jane became very happy as she could reveal everything in her heart. However, Mrs Reed decided to send her to Lowood school to get rid of this problem of Jane Eyre.

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