Critical Appreciation Of Jane Eyre | Chapter 12-16

Chapter 12

In this chapter, we learn that Mr Rochester shows a strong interest in Jane. Now Jane cannot see the stern look on his face. He tries to behave simply without thinking that he is the owner of this large state. One question asked by him from Jane is whether he is handsome? Jane at once answered negatively; no like a pistol shot. We can learn that both Jane and Mr Rachester do not have very attractive physical appearances. Jane is eighteen years old, and Mr Rochester is twenty years older than Jane. He wants to express something about his life. But it is very difficult for him to find out the words. So Mr Rochester’s talk looks very enigmatical.

Then Mr Rochester revealed one of the secrets to Jane about his love and broken lave to Adela’s mother, Shelien ravens, who is a French dancer. He honestly loved Shelien by giving many gifts. But she became faithless by having some other love affairs with an army officer and a singer. She left her daughter Adela with Rochester saying that he was her father. Rochester didn’t refuse the girl and decided to adopt her as a kind-hearted person. Thus, he revealed a secret of Adela and her mother, who finally went to Italy with a singer.

Chapter 13

In this chapter, we can learn about some strange events in Thornfield hall. One of the events was Rochester’s room was caught fire without his knowledge. Then Jane went inside the room to sous the fire. Jane also awakened from Rochester. Jane was Curious to know who did this incident. Again Jane was deceived that Grace Poole did it. However, Rochester started to have a good attitude towards Jane for saving his life.

After this incident, the following morning, Jane came to know that Mr Rochester had gone out for a party where many ladies attend. One of the young and elegant ladies was Blanche Ingram, who belonged to a rich family. At the end of the chapter, Mr Rochester informs Mrs Fairfax that another party will occur at Thornfield hall.

Chapter 14

In this chapter, in the beginning, we can learn how the party took place at Thornfield hall. Miss Ingram and many other ladies took part in the party. Tonight a horrible happening took place. Somebody wounded Mr Mason while he was sleeping. Rochester got the help of Jane for recovering the deadly wounds of the stranger while Rochester went to fetch a doctor. Jane had to look after the wounded person. Again the person who did these deadly wounds became a mystery.

Chapter 15

In the novel, this chapter marks a turning point. In the beginning, the writer takes the reader to the past because Jane goes back to Mrs Reed’s home. She came to know that her elder son, John Reed, had died. And Mrs Reed had paralysed and confessed the cruel things done to Jane. One of them is the promise to her husband that was bringing up Jane as her child. The other thing is hiding a letter sent by Jane’s uncle, John Eyre. She informed her uncle that Jane was dead.

Jane came to know that Rochester doesn’t love and doesn’t have an idea to marry Mrs Ingram. After a very close conversation. Rochester declared his love to Jane. After Jane understood Rochester’s honesty, she also agreed with Rochester. And it was a very sentimental, romantic situation for both Jane and Rochester. But at the end of this chapter, there is a bad symbol that the chestnut tree was damaged by lightning the previous night. So, the writer symbolically points out that something terrible would happen to their love.

Chapter 16

In this chapter, the most important thing is getting ready for the wedding and Jane’s dreams. Now Jane and Rochester have a powerful attachment. Therefore Jane can’t bear up when Rochester is out of sight. Rochester has brought very expensive wedding finery, including a costly veil. In this chapter, we learn Rochester had gone to a distant place while Jane was alone in Thornfield hall. After he came back home, Jane told him the dreams she had seen. The first two dreams were real, full of bad omens. But the final dream was not a dream but a real incident that a strange woman came to Jane’s room and for the veil. But Rochester didn’t accept it because the woman was Bertha, whom he married. However, Rochester tried his best to suppress the reality till the next day.

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