Critical Appreciation Of Jane Eyre | Chapter 4-6

Chapter 04

At the beginning of this chapter, we learn that Jane was getting ready to go to her new school Lowood. She got up early in the morning, but only Bessie was there to help her like a mother and a sister Jane’s aunt and cousins were sleeping because they had told Jane not to disturb in the morning. If Jane had parents, they’d help Jane and take her to school. But Mrs Reed is ruthless and doesn’t love and affection for Jane. However, Jane had to travel about fifty miles on a horse carriage alone to Lowood school.

After coming to school, the writer gives a picture of the Lowood school. It was evening when she came to the school. As she was very tired, she couldn’t have even supper. On the following morning, the daily routine of the school started. According to the first bell, all the girls got up and washed. They had poor facilities, for example, one basin for six girls to wash their faces. After that, prayers started. Then porridge was given for breakfast. But it was burnt. On the other hand, it wasn’t enough for the girls. That is why the writer mention, “break fast was over and non had break fasted”.

After breakfast, studies commenced. Mrs Temple was the headmistress. She was a very kind-hearted and sensitive and, loving teacher. She decided to give bread and cheese because they were given burnt porridge in the morning. Jane also got to know about a girl named “Helen Burnst” Jane got to know more information about the teachers, the administrators or to the managers, the nature of the school and so on. Thereby this is a charity school for orphan girls, and the main manager is Mr Brockelhurst, a priest.

Chapter 05

At the beginning of this chapter, we can learn that it was the winter season for Lowood school. Therefore all the children suffered due to cold weather conditions, lack of food and the daily routine, especially small girls couldn’t eat their meal because big girls used to come and get their share. They also couldn’t get the warmth of the fire as it was covered by the big bodies of the big girls.

We also get some information about Mr Brockelhurst character. He is a very insensitive, wicked, inhumane person. Mrs Temple was accused of providing the orphans’ extra bread and cheese in exchange for the burnt porridge. He told the teachers to teach the children self-denying, hard life and suffering. He also didn’t like it if the girls had an attractive look with curly hair, beautiful dresses, hair knots and plaits. But it is very ironic and funny that Mrs Brockelhurst and the two daughters had a very fashionable look. Thereby we can understand Mr Brockelhurst’s double standard.

Mr Brockelhurst doesn’t know child psychology. We can understand it from the punishment given to small Jane Eyre. He told Mrs Reed’s lies about Jane to the teachers and other students. The writer has used very dramatic scenes and visual imagery in this chapter.

Chapter 06

In this chapter, in the beginning, we can learn how Jane was very much worried because Mr Brocklehurst hurt Jane by looking down upon her before the teachers and other girls, while she was regretting she met her friend, Helen Burns.

Here we can understand Helen’s character. She is very religious and capable of advising Jane. So Helen advised Jane not to worry too much about Mr Brocklehurst’s abusing because nobody respected and cared for him. On the other hand, she asked Jane to have faith in God because he looks after everyone and offers his love and affection to humans and also God knows the truth; who is in honour and who is immoral. Thus Helen consoled Jane. Later both of them visited their kind teacher, Miss Temple.

Here we can learn about Mrs Temple’s character as a kind, understanding, sensitive and helpful teacher. She also asked Jane not to worry about the accusations of Mr Brocklehurst as she wasn’t proved guilty. So she had to wait until the doctor Mr Lloyd sent a character report of Jane until then Mrs Temple shared cakes and tea with Helen and Jane very happily. At the end of this chapter, Jane is free from all the allegations. Then she became very happy and improved her studies.

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