Critical Appreciation Of Jane Eyre | Chapter 7-11

Chapter 07

At the beginning of this chapter, we can learn that there was a strong impact of Typhus fever on the Lowood school. Some girls were seriously ill, and some died of fever. Only Jane and a few other students escaped from illness. So the studies were stopped, and Jane had free time to walk outside the school.

Meanwhile, Jane’s friend Helen was very serious about her illness consumption. As a result, Jane chose to pay Helen a visit at night. Helen was very happy to see Jane, and they talked about religion a lot and had a good understanding of God, death, after death and so on as Jane did not have a good understanding of these facts. Helen could teach her at her last moment.

We can understand that they are true friends because Jane embraced and kissed her friend who had consumption. And also, she slept with Helen on the bed, but Jane was taken to her room in the end. When Helen died on the bed, it was clear that Jane was sleeping with her.

Chapter 08

According to this chapter, we can learn so many changes have taken place at Lowood school after Typhus fever. Mr Brocklehurst and the old administration has changed a new committee that has been appointed for the management. Mrs Temple is going to marry. Helen is dead. Therefore Jane decided to change the place. Jane had been at Lowood as a pupil for six years and two years as a teacher. So during this period, she took a lot of experiences in her life.

Therefore Jane wished to find a post as a teacher to a private family. She published an advertisement in a newspaper. She got a reply for that. At the end of this chapter, we meet Bessie, the nurse of Gateshead hall. So it is very interesting to know about the characters like Mrs Reed, her son and daughters. According to Bessie’s information, they are well built, beautiful, but uneducated.

But Jane is not very beautiful. However, she is pleasant educated and looks like a lady with several languages, painting, music, sewing etc. At the end of this chapter, Bessie informs Jane that one of her father’s brothers came to meet her at Gateshead. He is a merchant. This character is significant in the rest of the novel.

Chapter 09

At the beginning of this chapter, we can learn that Jane has come to Thornfield hall, and now Jane starts the third chapter of her life. Jane’s task is to teach Adela, be a governess. Mrs Fairfax is the guardian of the Thornfield hall, And the owner is Mr Rochester. Jane was given a very comfortable room that Jane had never lived in such a room. After changing dresses, she got to know about her pupil, Adela. Then Miss Fairfax took her everywhere in the house to observe it. Then Jane understood that the house had a great ancient look. But Jane was afraid when a woman made a big laugh and laughter. When Jane questioned about it, Mrs Fairfax said that it was a servant.

Chapter 10

In this chapter, We can learn that Jane has all the facilities at Thornfield hall. But she felt loneliness and the monotony of the routine. So she decided to go to the nearby town to post a letter. She met a horse rider who fell and sprained his leg on the way. Jane helped the stronger without knowing that he was the owner of the Thornfield hall, Mr Rochester. Only when she came back home, she understand that she helped Mr Rocherter. So it is an adventurous, exciting and ironic scene.

Chapter 11

According to this chapter, both Jane and Mr Rochester meet together and have a conversation. Rochester wanted to know more information about Jane’s life, including her parents, relations, education, abilities and other interests. Although Rochester is satisfied with Jane, he does not show it directly. While both Jane and Rochester were talking, Mrs Fairfax got confused about what they were talking about.

However, now both of them have some friendship. Nevertheless still, Rochester’s character is mystery. Rochester had some property problems in the past. But after his brother Rollen’s death, he could inherit Thornfield hall.

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